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Niccolo Invidia

Mr. Invidia works with the Institute as a Research Fellow, commencing in May of 2015. He is actively involved in the Insitute’s global poverty project, digging through mountains of data and research reports to support our work on root causes and solutions of global poverty and damaging wealth imbalances. He is based in the Groningen, The Netherlands.


  •  April-May 2015     UNU Diploma in Governance in theory and practice, University of the United Nations, Maastricht
  • 2014-2015    Masters (MA International Relations) in Global Governance, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) – Global governance; East Asian economy; theory of international relations; human rights
  • 2010-2013    Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations, Catholic University, Milan (Italy) – International relations; economy; law; sociology; politics; history;, languages
  • August 2014   Summer School – University of Maastricht – Social entrepreneurship
  • March 2014      United Nations Model – Groningen, GrunnMUN
  • November 2013     Consules & the Italian Atlantic Committee, NATO (in Rome) – cyber defense program (New Transatlantic Relations)
  • June 2012-September 2012   Erasmus program at University of Valencia, Provided by the Catholic University
  • July 2012       Politics Summer School, Center of political studies, Milan – Political parties and political integration research
  • 2011 – 2012     Private lessons, Prof. Guglielmo Ruocco, Varese – Global finance, Investments, Macroeconomics and Stock exchange
  • 2012 – 2013       Course of International Politics, ISPI (Institute for the Studies of International Politics), Milan – International politics, Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy


  • Mongolia: between the resource curse and the Rostow model of development
  • Transparency International: CPI’s governing corruption in developing countries
  • CIEs refugees human rights violations in Italy
  • A comparison of technological innovation with perfect completion and monopoly
  • Chinese investments in the third industrial revolution
  • Draft law on education
  • Essay(unpublished) on cultural psychology and sociology


  • The contribution of the Club of Rome to sustainable development
  • The emerging structure of the Southern European political system


  • Italian
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Bulgarian
  • Latin