“Anatomy of a Meltdown” – Five Article Series on Economic Apocalypse

In the early days of the Institute for Economic Innovation, one of the core problems I saw with the US economy was an unsustainable path that would likely lead to a form of economic apocalypse. I was, at the time, sensing unsustainable debt burdens and predicted the likely outcome of such a path, should we face another Great Recession before the fiscal house could get in order. Well, I was wrong. We went far longer than I expected, got more drunk on debt than my wildest dreams could have imagined, and have so far, despite coronavirus, not fallen off the cliff that I was convinced we’re hurdling toward. In a continuation of my original 2013 manifesto, a new five article series expanding on the concept has been released, connecting the dots from the original “economic fundamentalist” view to the present with a modified prophecy regarding our collective doom. The articles can be found under the “Articles” tab with a sub menu “Anatomy of a Meltdown.” The article list can be found here:

Articulating the Fears of a Developed World Currency Collapse (2013)
I – Revisiting Prophecies of Doom
II – Elaborate Delusions
III – Differences from 2008
IV – The United States of Zimbabwe
V – Coronavirus