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Inflation, Permanent QE, & the end of the Post Cold War Order

With significant global events come repercussions and economic aftereffects that shape society. The pandemic was significant enough, whereas the situation in Ukraine is even more impactful. Three articles address changes from these events. An … [Read more]

New Article: A Case for Addressing Population

It is interesting how, the farther I get from my original work "The Human Theory of Everything," the closer I circle back to it. In my latest article, I address an extension of the Malthusian Trap, where we have shifted constraints on population … [Read more]

New Article: Arcane Tax Policy and its Unintended Encouragement of Automation

One of the biggest elephants in the room economically is the speed and intensity for which jobs are being automated. Few speak of the significant social and societal effects, as conventional wisdom holds that productivity and growth are the de facto … [Read more]

“Anatomy of a Meltdown” – Five Article Series on Economic Apocalypse

In the early days of the Institute for Economic Innovation, one of the core problems I saw with the US economy was an unsustainable path that would likely lead to a form of economic apocalypse. I was, at the time, sensing unsustainable debt burdens … [Read more]

Research Fellow Elected to Italian Parliament

Niccolo Invidia, Research Fellow for the Institute for Economic Innovation, has been elected to the Italian Parliament, as a member of the Five Star Movement in the Chamber of Deputies. His legislative district is based in Varese, Italy, northwest of … [Read more]

American Agriculture & Texture Books Published

Garrett Fisher has published two more aerial photography books: "American Texture: Canvas from the Sky" and "Field of Dreams: American Agriculture from the Sky." Continuing the theme of locating unexpected data from artistic perspectives, both works … [Read more]

Yellowstone & Grand Teton Conservation Books Published

Garrett Fisher has published "Around the Summit: Flying Grand Teton" and "Yellowstone's Hot Springs: An Aviator's Perspective," aerial photography books that document incredible beauty as found in each of these national parks. One may ask the … [Read more]

Niccolo Invidia Joins Institute as Research Fellow

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Niccolo Invidia has joined the Institute as a Research Fellow, focusing primarily on our Global Poverty Project. Based in The Netherlands, he has an extensive educational background in social policy, political … [Read more]

The Drama of Predicting How our Lives Will Change from Technology

See the new article posted, addressing the all too common drama of robotic utopias, or artificial intelligence hell where our robots kill us. The reality is somewhere in between, and it is a matter of who is affected. Read more here. … [Read more]

Global Poverty Project Launched

Poverty is one of the most stubborn problems that a) technically should be solved, given our economic, technological, and scientific successes and b) continues to confound the developed world. Poverty is also a gateway to a host of other societal … [Read more]