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The Institute for Economic Innovation is a non-political privately funded think tank staffed with leading thinkers in the legal, securities, finance, neuroscience and scientific research fields. We seek to insightfully adjust the paradigm of human needs as expressed through economics – questioning the system from the top to the bottom – and rewriting the rules of economics. Borne of the concepts in the book “The Human Theory of Everything,” we see the common root of all economic, governance, and societal issues as beginning with the mind. How people think governs what they spend money on, the laws we need, and the world we know. By understanding the framework of our thoughts, we can make meaningful and efficient progress as a human race.

The goal of the Institute is to take this information and give it not only to the largest audience possible, also to the most effective. Our disposition is that the lowest income and most criminally-involved tiers of our global society exert more influence on the structure of our economy and governments than most people realize. The face that highly-capitalized and influential individuals exist is a product of fear generated by a large portion of society that lacks freedom of thought and hence, the ability to productively better themselves and the world around them. To make a difference, those disadvantaged tiers need to be empowered with knowledge and tools to make meaningful progress. Our goal is to effect change through that contrarian channel.

We are open to partnerships with a wide variety of institutions.